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"What is the Best Way to Cure Tendinitis in the Heel?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the Best Way to Cure Tendinitis in the Heel?


My right heel is swollen and very painful right now. It seemed to get that way almost overnight. I can barely put any weight on it because it hurts so much and the pain with walking is causing me to limp a lot. If I squeeze the heel with my hand, it hurts a lot, too. The pain is very sharp, like a knife going through my heel. I went to my primary care doctor yesterday and he said it was tendinitis and I should take acetaminophen, put ice on it, and rest it as much as I could. He also said I had flat arches and wearing shoes without arch supports may be the cause. The pain pills and the ice and rest are doing nothing to help the pain at all. What is the best way to cure tendinitis in the heel?


If the pain medications, rest, and ice are not helping at all, then I would recommend calling your primary care doctor again to discuss the issue. If the issue is simply tendonitis of the ankle, then you should experience some symptomatic relief with these treatments, and if not then your doctor might want to examine you again to see if there are other possible causes of your pain. Typically, tendonitis would not cause a significant amount of swelling, and it is usually associated with some clear overuse injury (such as running). Given the sudden onset of your pain and the swelling, it might be necessary to rule out things like infection, which could cause more sudden and severe pain, redness, and swelling. This is especially the case of the affected area is warm to the touch, if you notice an area of redness spreading outward, or if you have any fever. If, on reexamination by your doctor, there is no evidence of a more serious problem than tendonitis, then it will probably just take a bit longer for the symptoms to resolve. Tendonitis is a slowly healing injury. Your doctor will be able to follow along with you closely to make sure you are improving.

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