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"Is it reasonable to consider trigger point therapy to keep my feet in good shape?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it reasonable to consider trigger point therapy to keep my feet in good shape?


One of my friends recently recommended trigger point therapy for my feet because they are often sore after I get home from my daily jogs. She says that it works for her, but I am a bit skeptical about this method of therapy. No doctor has ever discussed this with me, but then again I also have never seen a physical therapist. How does trigger point therapy work for the feet, and is it a good idea to pursue this technique as an athlete?


Trigger point therapy and other forms of tissue manipulation, such as massage, are increasingly popular these days. For the most part they are not harmful in people who otherwise have no medical problems, and many people who utilize them do feel that they make a big difference. Importantly, however, none of these techniques have ever been studied rigorously, so it is hard to make any firm conclusions about whether or not they have real measurable benefits. If you are considering any alternative therapies like these, it is always best to discuss your options beforehand with your primary care doctor. As I said, most of these therapies are quite safe, but there may be restrictions based on your past medical history or medications that you are currently taking. Also, your doctor can help you figure out if there is anything correctable that can be done about sore feet. It may be that your shoes are poorly fitting, or you may be suffering from an overuse injury of the foot that might require rest or anti-inflammatory medications. In the case of poorly fitting shoes, an athletic shoe specialist is also a great resource, as they can analyze your running gait and help you pick the best shoe!

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