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"Can I Get Braces Without Needing to Have Any Teeth Pulled?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I Get Braces Without Needing to Have Any Teeth Pulled?


I need to get braces but have a horrible fear of having any teeth pulled. I had to have one pulled once and it was such a horrible experience I never want to go through it again. I really want to have straight teeth, but most of my friends who have had braces have had to have several teeth pulled first to make room for the movement of the remaining teeth. Most of them have had to have their wisdom teeth removed, too, which is especially terrifying to me. I know that procedure involves oral surgery for people with impacted wisdom teeth like me and I just don't want to do it. My wisdom teeth are healthy and none of my other teeth are giving me trouble. Is there any way to get braces without having to have any teeth pulled or oral surgery performed first?


This is an interesting question, but it is one that needs to involve a physical exam and a consultation to an orthodontist or oral surgeon before you can get the full and appropriate answer. The reason is that every patient is different. In some cases, you may be right that your orthodontist would recommend removing some teeth to get the best results with your smile. He or she may argue that the short term pain would be worth the improvement in the long term results. In other cases, your healthcare provider may feel that the work you need could be accomplished without having to do that. As always, your input as the patient can definitely play a role in the ultimate treatment plan and recommendations. If you want to have no teeth pulled, there likely is still something that can be done to improve your smile. It will be between you and your orthodontist or oral surgeon to determine what the best long term solution will be for you. As before, it is impossible to say more without an examination, so please speak with your orthodontist or oral surgeon to get the right answer for you, and good luck.

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