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"What causes teeth grinding?"


My husband says that I grind my teeth. I tried sleeping in different positions to stop this. Is anything I can do? What's causing it?


Teeth grinding, or, as it is known to doctors, dentists, and oral surgeons, bruxism, is a very common complaint, and it is important to discuss it with your doctor or dentist. While it can happen for a number of reasons, it tends to be especially common in people who are under more than the normal amount of stress. For one reason or another, that includes almost all of us.

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While it is always a great idea to take measures to reduce stress in your life, it is certainly easier said than done. For that reason, many people have had success with using a mouth guard while they sleep to help prevent the teeth from grinding. This can be obtained from a dentist or oral surgeon, and can be custom fit to your mouth. The plastic ones that you can buy from the local drug store are effective for some people, but tend to not work quite as well. Additionally, your healthcare professional may recommend that you make a concerted effort to keep your teeth apart, which many of us forget to do. Bruxism, over time, can lead to wear and tear on teeth and the joints that are used for biting, leading to long term complaints in some people. Please speak to your doctor or dentist.

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