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"Is tooth extraction necessary for crowded teeth?"

ZocdocAnswersIs tooth extraction necessary for crowded teeth?


I can tell that my teeth are crowded but i am afraid to see the doc because i don't want him to remove a tooth. This is scary. Is there another way to fix my teeth


You are right that the thought of having teeth pulled can be very scary! However, the consequences of overcrowding (too many teeth for the size of your jaw) can also have very deleterious effects on your dental health over the long term so it really is worth investigating whether or not intervention might be required to improve your bite. In this situation, the best thing to do is make an appointment with an orthodontist for evaluation. He or she can go over your dental x-rays and your exam to identify whether you might need to have teeth pulled or rearranged. In many cases, overcrowding can be corrected through braces alone, and it may not be necessary to pull teeth. However, if removing some teeth is thought to be a good idea, you can discuss the whole process with the orthodontist who can also show you exactly why removing certain teeth will help your bite, the health of the jaw, and the appearance of your teeth. Depending upon your age and other health concerns, the orthodontist may want to refer you to an oral surgeon should you need any teeth extracted, but this is not uncommon and you should feel that all of your questions are answered before you move ahead with any procedures.

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