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"What product is best to treat Pruritus Ani and severe anal itching? Does Pranicure work?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat product is best to treat Pruritus Ani and severe anal itching? Does Pranicure work?


Although I have suffered the symptoms of pruritus ani for over seven years, I didn't know what it was called and my doctors could not prescribe any effective remedy. I have tried every over the counter lotion, cream, gel, and powder (and a handful of precription medications) with absolutely no positive results. I've been finding a lot of positive reviews on this ointment called Pranicure which is available online. I am about to order a 3-6 month supply for relatively cheap, but I wanted to see if anyone else has heard of or tried this product. It's highly recommended on the internet so I figure that it's worth a shot...


I cannot provide a specific recommendation about the effectiveness of Pranicure, mostly because it seems to be a proprietary formulation and the list of ingredients is not available on line as best I can tell. However, generally speaking, it is best to approach anal itching with the help of your regular primary care doctor or with a gastroenterology specialist. I say this because there are many different causes of anal itching and the most effective treatments are targeted at an identifiable cause. For example, if the itching is from rectal hemorrhoids, then using a cream known to be effective for hemorrhoids would be the best approach. On the other hand, if the condition is due to a skin condition, such as a contact allergy, then identifying the offending substance that is causing the allergy is the best step. I do understand that you've tried to get help from several doctors in the past without much luck. However, my recommendation would still be to try again, perhaps with a doctor that you trust or know well. They should be able to provide you with some advice. If you have on hand some of the Pranicure cream, they can also look at that to see if the list of ingredients is available and makes sense.

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