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"Is drinking milk after eating a canned fish with vegetable oil safe?"

ZocdocAnswersIs drinking milk after eating a canned fish with vegetable oil safe?


My mom says it's very bad.


This should be perfectly safe, though it is a good idea to see a nutritionist to discuss your diet. There are actually very few situations in which drinking milk is bad for you. You should always choose low fat skim milk, as this is most appropriate for an adult diet. The only situations in which people should avoid drinking milk are when they have certain types of disorders like lactose intolerance or certain other metabolic diseases that cause negative reactions to certain components of milk. There is nothing about the combination of milk, canned fish, and vegetable oil that is unsafe and it should be normally digestible. It is always healthier to eat fresh ingredients if possible. Fresh fish tends to have more vitamins and nutrients than canned fish, and usually tastes better as well. Also it is generally good advice to avoid cooking in oil or consuming oils in large quantities in any other way. While oil is preferable to hard animal fat, like shortening, it is still high in fat. If you can find an acceptable recipe that suits your tastes, baking fish is the healthy way to go. A nutritionist is a specialist in helping people create healthy balanced diets that they can realistically adhere to. It may be a good idea to make an appointment to see a nutritionist to evaluate your diet and make healthy changes.

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