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"Why has my husband been told he has lung inflammation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy has my husband been told he has lung inflammation?


he was admitted after getting a very sudden pain in his stomach and his lower back on the left hand side. The pain is not easing He also has blood in his urine, he got the pain very suddenly 3 days ago and he is still in pain, he is being given morphine for the how is it his lung??


I am sorry to hear that your husband has been suffering so much, and wish him a speedy recovery. It sounds as if there may be more than one thing happening to him right now, but it is possible that all of these problems originally stemmed from his lung. It is quite difficult for me to fully explain this without more information and perhaps some test results, and so I would definitely recommend that you speak with your husband's doctor or doctors. Often, the nurses are also capable of taking time to fully explain the situation in a more down to earth manner, and can be a great source of information. All of those symptoms are indicative of some sort of inflammation on the inside. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact source of the inflammation sometimes, because the internal organs do not map exactly to where you think they would on the outside of your body (ie, pain from one source can be referred to elsewhere). Without more information I am not able to clearly explain what your doctor means, and so I would again suggest that you speak with him or her. Having family members available to help ask questions at the same time can also be valuable.

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