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"My doctor says I should be full term in my pregnancy in two weeks. Can I have the baby soon?"

ZocdocAnswersMy doctor says I should be full term in my pregnancy in two weeks. Can I have the baby soon?


I should be full term in two weeks can i have the baby soon


Congratulations on your pregnancy and the imminent birth of your baby! This is a very exciting time for you and your family and it is important to discuss this with your doctor. When it comes to pregnancy and delivery, there is extensive evidence that supports the best outcomes for neonates with a full-term pregnancy. Even when a woman is "almost" full-term, there are still important health benefits for continuing with the last few weeks of pregnancy, as this is the time that the baby is completing important weight gain steps and preparing for life independent of his or her mother. If you were to go into labor spontaneously at this point, it is highly likely that your baby would do just fine. The important later stage development in pregnancy is lung maturation which is typically complete by approximately week 34 of pregnancy. However, even if you are only 2 weeks away, the best thing to do is usually to wait for labor to start naturally. Full term is considered to be anywhere between 38-42 weeks, and there really is no good way to predict when in that time period you would go into labor. We do know that extending pregnancy beyond 42 weeks can lead to complications so you would likely be induced at that time. However, for right now it sounds like everything has gone very well and as each day goes by you are closer and closer to delivery. If you have concerns about your pregnancy and delivery, the best thing to do is speak about this with your doctor. You should be able to go over all of the details about delivery and your due dates with your OB.

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