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"I fell on my knee cap. What kind of doctor should I see?"

ZocdocAnswersI fell on my knee cap. What kind of doctor should I see?


about 3 days ago I fell on my knee cap and now I cant straighten it all the way without sever pain and I cant bend it without sever pain what kind of doctor should I see for this


So sorry to hear that you have been suffering from this pain for the last few days. The fact that you are not able to straighten your leg all of the way is certainly concerning, and does indicate that you should meet with a doctor in the near future. There are 2 directions that you can go. The first is to start by meeting with your primary care doctor. In general, these physicians are very good at triaging which things need to be seen by a specialist and which things can be managed conservatively. Your family practice or internal medicine doctor would both be equally effective at this. Alternatively, you can speak directly with a specialist, which would be an orthopedic surgeon in this case (while a sports medicine doctor would be somewhere in the middle of the two options, and may also be a good option). Whichever route you go, there are pros and cons. Primary care doctors can usually effectively manage most problems, but you run the risk of needing to see someone else down the line. A specialist will often have a higher co-pay due to the extra years of training, but may be able to function as a one stop shop. Either way, please speak with a doctor about your problem.

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