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"Can you please help me understand this recent blood test results?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you please help me understand this recent blood test results?


Cholesterol:260,HDL:54,triglyceride:87,SGOT:48,SGPT:97,G-GT:207,Fe:200,LDH:157,CRP<3,19.In 1988 I informed from a doctor that I have Gilbert syndrome.I perform blood tests once every year because I am a pilot.I have almost the same results every year.I have no other indications.I have no fat on my liver,I have no less weight,I don't drink alcochol etc.Can you please tell me some ideas for all these blodd results?


It sounds like you are doing all of the right things to protect your health, which includes regular follow-up with your primary care physician and screening labs as indicated by your age and other health issues. Overall, the best way to understand your labs is to go over them with your physician, and he or she should be able to do that with you at your next appointment (or you can schedule an appointment if you are concerned). In general, it looks like your total cholesterol is slightly higher than is recommended, particularly if you are male, over 45, and with any other risk factors for heart disease. It would be helpful to know what your LDL is, but it is likely that you should probably start a statin medication to decrease your chance of developing coronary artery disease in future. With regard to your liver tests, Gilbert disease is a benign condition that can cause minimal elevation in the bilirubin levels (a compound normally produced and broken down by the liver). Gilbert syndrome results from a slightly abnormal enzyme in the liver and causes asymptomatic (and harmless) mild elevations in the bilirubin. It doesn't look like your bilirubin was checked, so you can discuss that with your doctor. With regard to your mildly elevated liver function tests, you are right that alcohol is often the most likely, but if you don't drink then you can talk with your doctor as to whether or not any other followup tests are needed. If you have not been screened for hepatitis, this would probably be recommended. Please speak with your physician.

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