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"My neck has been twitching, along with my eyes. What's going on?"

ZocdocAnswersMy neck has been twitching, along with my eyes. What's going on?


It occurs a couple times every other day. I often stressed, along with insomnia and depression.


So sorry to hear that you are suffering from so many conditions that are poorly recognized by others and can often make life nearly intolerable for you. While it is difficult to say for sure what is causing your problems, there are many people that will have twitching of muscles of their face or other body parts when they are fatigued, under stress or both. That being said, there are many other reasons that you can be having these symptoms, and the best thing to do is to discuss them with your doctor. Some of the conditions could be serious, and so I would advise that you do this in a timely manner. This is especially true because depression, stress, and insomnia are all also serious conditions that need to be treated in a timely and appropriate manner. Your doctor is well qualified to provide the counsel, referrals, and, in some cases, medications that are needed to help you return to your optimal function and determine what might be the cause of these problems. Please speak with your doctor in the near future to get the guidance and help that you need to feel better.

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