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"Is it safe to drink from a glass when traveling internationally?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to drink from a glass when traveling internationally?


Since restaurants wash drinking glasses and utensils with tap water, should I order a drink that comes in a bottle and wipe off my fork.


It is always difficult to know what level of precautions are appropriate for travel. Much of this will depend on the locale to which you are traveling, ie, what the sanitation conditions are in the place you are visiting, what conditions are common, and what other issues may arise. Your primary care doctor or travel medicine doctor is especially well suited to answer these questions, as they have access to resources and recommendations from groups such as the Center for Disease Control that can and do make regular recommendations for travelers to many different parts of the world. One of the simplest things that you can do is be up to date on all of your vaccinations and your other medical health. It is important to take any medications with you as well. As for taking the extra precautions that you suggest, this will depend, again, on the site that you are traveling to. Many sites would not require this extra level of care, but there are others where disposable utensils and bottled water would offer obvious advantages. Please speak with your doctor about your specific concerns and about anything else that he or she may have to recommend before you go.

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