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""Is it safe to eat ice cream, cheese and other dairy products when traveling abroad?""

ZocdocAnswers"Is it safe to eat ice cream, cheese and other dairy products when traveling abroad?"


I?m not sure which foods should be avoided and I?m leaving the country in a few days.


While it's always exciting to be traveling, especially when traveling abroad, there are certain precautions that one should take both before leaving and while traveling. One of the most important of these involves taking care with regards to what you eat and drink while traveling. Due to variations in food processing and handling, the unprepared traveler can come into contact with bacteria that might be foreign in more than one way, and could potentially lead to a much less enjoyable trip. Much of the specifics that you would want to know before traveling can be obtained from either your travel agent or online resources specifically addressing the locale to which you are traveling. These resources should be supplemented with the sound advice of your physician before traveling, as he or she will likely have access to additional resources that can help you be fully prepared and know what to eat or drink in the places that you are traveling. Processed foods, specifically those that have been pasteurized or otherwise cleaned of bacteria before packaging in sealed containers, are often the safest but are not always guaranteed. A travel medicine doctor may be invaluable in your trip planning, and you should please speak with your doctor.

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