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"I forgot my prescription medication at home. Can my U.S. doctor send my prescription to a foreign pharmacy?"


I can?t believe I forgot my medication at home. I?m going to be here for two weeks, is there a way to have my prescription refilled in a different country?


The answer to your question depend a bit on which country you are in. I'd recommend that you call your US doctor back home and explain what is going on, if that is possible. They may be able to give you a letter explaining your situation.

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You could then use this letter to go see a doctor in the country where you are staying who might be willing to write a prescription for you for the medication you need, as long the the indications and dosing are spelled out clearly by your doctor back home so that there is no confusion. If you are in a country that doesn't require a prescription, make sure you confer carefully with the local pharmacist to make sure that you are getting the right medication - brands and doses are not always the same around the world. Please speak with your doctor.

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