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"What could be causing facial/neck numbness and facial swelling?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be causing facial/neck numbness and facial swelling?


Lump found left center of neck, under chin swollen, numbness starts in neck and goes all over face. Also have had right side of body go numb starting with my right hand and foot and followed by leg and arm. I do have hypothyroidism (which I am managing with Levothyroxin daily). Any reasons why the numbness/swelling is happening?


This is a complicated situation already, and definitely needs to be seen by a doctor in the near future. There are several concerning signs in your story, any of which would necessitate visiting a physician. The first is the lump under your chin. In the right context, this could be very concerning for either an infection or something much worse, such as a cancer. Obviously, it is impossible to know without seeing a doctor, so please do so. As for the numbness, this could be a sign of several different things, but it is certainly concerning for some involvement of the nervous system in your body. A doctor would be able to ask myriad additional questions that would help him or her understand why you are having the symptoms you are having, and should be able to recommend additional testing if he or she feels that it is necessary prior to recommending potential intervention to help you feel better. While your symptoms are concerning currently, it is impossible to guide you in any specific pattern without more testing and at least a physical examination. Please speak with your doctor soon so that he or she can help direct you further.

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