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"Can you please tell me the best times to take my list of medications and supplements?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you please tell me the best times to take my list of medications and supplements?


I know there are some supplements that interfere with other supplements and meds, and I know some MUST be taken with food and others don't have to be, and I know sometimes you have to wait a certain amount of time after taking one thing, to take another. Could you please tell me how and when to take my meds and supps? For example, 30 minutes before breakfast, take your blood pressure meds, when you eat breakfast, take your vitamin D, Wait 4 hours to take your bla bla bla, etc. Here is a list of what I take: Bisoprolol for high b.p. Citrical, 2 twice/day Lovaza (RX fish oil) 2 twice/day Vitamin C 3,000 mg iCool for hotflashes Magnesium 600 m,g. / day Vitamin E, 100 iu day Multivitamin Flaxseed Fexofenadine (Allegra) Prilosec Thank You!


I strongly encourage you discuss this issue with the physicians who are prescribing these medications. You are correct in that many medications clearly specify when they should be taken and whether they should be taken with food. However, many doctors specify additional instruction based on their clinical experience. Therefore, your own providers, who know you best, should determine the appropriate timing for your medications. Bisoprolol is often taken in the morning. However, depending on your heart rate or symptoms on the medication, your cardiologist may want you to take it at night. Similarly, prilosec is often taken thirty minutes before a meal. The specific meal depends on your doctor's wishes. Additionally, some clinicians time prilosec based on when your symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease are worst. Therefore, you should discuss this with your doctor. Given the number of vitamin supplements you take, I encourage you to make sure your doctor knows about all of them. Many medications have adverse interactions with supplements, and you need to make sure your providers know you are taking them. In addition to the doctors prescribing such medications, the pharmacist where you refill you medications can help provide instruction about the timing of your medications and any specific instructions about how to take them.

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