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"What are these tiny dot like bumps only on the side of my right butt and thigh area?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are these tiny dot like bumps only on the side of my right butt and thigh area?


Whenever I pick them they bleed. And they itch sometimes. But they are only on the side of my right thigh and lower right buttocks area. Sometimes they get infected when I pick them and puss will end up coming out. I've had them for almost a year but I think they are just spreading and leaving scars from picking them.


Skin rashes are a common problem. There are numerous types of rashes and the causes and treatment vary widely. The most common types of skin rashes are due either to allergies, infections, or autoimmune reaction in the skin. Many different types of rashes look the same, affect the same skin areas, and have similar symptoms, so the only effective way to have your rash diagnosed and treated appropriately is to visit a physician that deals with rashes regularly. Your doctor can then look at all the facts and decide the most likely cause of your rash. While a dermatologist will have the most broad and in depth knowledge about skin disorders, many common skin disorder can be diagnosed and treated by a primary care physician. The reason you need to visit a physician in person is because, as you might imagine, a very important component of diagnosing a skin rash is a visual exam, to determine the characteristics and distribution of the rash. A complete history and physical exam by a dermatologist or primary care physician should lead to the correct diagnosis and treatment of your rash. In the meantime, follow these general skin care tips. Keep your skin clean and dry. Use a mild unscented bath soap or body wash. If your skin becomes dried out or scaly, use a gentle, unscented, dermatologist-recommended moisturizer on the affected areas. Avoid contact with possible irritants such as metals, deodorants, scented products such as fragrances and body sprays, fabric softeners, and also avoid new laundry detergents. Try to avoid scratching, it tends to open and exacerbate most rashes, and can lead to infection. Over the counter itch remedies are generally safe, but stop using any over the counter product and see a doctor immediately if the rash becomes worse or you develop signs of infection such as fever, body aches, blistering or peeling away of the skin, foul smell from the rash, and increasing pain or swelling in the rash. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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