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"My skin is red and itchy. What do I have?"


my skin is really red and has little pimples all over and its really itchy its all over my face... help me!!!!


Unfortunately, for both you and your doctor, it is usually more difficult than just simply describing the malady that you have. This is especially true in dermatology (the field that would specifically treat these changes you are describing of the skin of your face). Usually, in addition to a broad history of what started or changed before you noticed the changes to your skin, your doctor will need to examine you to find out what the bumps and redness look like.

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This can provide invaluable information, and is often sufficient to diagnose the ailment and begin some sort of treatment if necessary. What you are describing could be many different things, from a rash following a sunburn, to acne, to an infectious skin disorder, to a bout of poison ivy or something similar. The best thing to do is to visit with your doctor to determine whether or not treatment is needed. He or she can be a specialist, in this case a dermatologist, or you may find it easier to approach your family care doctor first. Your primary care doctor could then refer you as needed. Either way, please speak with your doctor soon to get help.

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