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"Why do I shake/tremble after working out?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I shake/tremble after working out?


24 year old male have not worked out since i was diagnosed with POTS this new year i also have gilberts syndrome 1st degree av block and GERD....i did around 50 pushups 10 pullups and 20 situps ...nothing crazy ...when i held my cellphone to my ear with my shoulder my whole arm was trembling ? and i have no idea why ? this was after the workout not during..during i was trembling a little but i think thats expected ...but afterwards my arm was trembling at a certain angle


It sounds like you did a fairly vigorous workout, with many repetitions. This naturally will cause some muscle fatigue, especially if this level of workout intensity is new for you and your muscles are not yet conditioned to it. After a vigorous workout, it is quite common for the muscles to tremble a little bit, and this is usually not a problem, as it tends to resolve rapidly as your body rests and recuperates. Regardless, I recommend discussing this with your primary care doctor. If the symptoms persist, or if there are any associated symptoms such as swelling or severe pain or cramping in the muscles, then that is something that you should get checked out by your primary care doctor, as these might be signs of muscle damage from too vigorous a workout. Also, if there is any dizziness, shortness of breathing, or numbness and tingling, those would not be typical symptoms from a workout and might require medical evaluation. It might also be good to work closely with an athletic trainer to make sure that your workouts are at the appropriate level of intensity for your conditioning. Working out at too high an intensity level can predispose to injury and can actually be counterproductive in terms of reaching your fitness goals.

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