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"I got burned and it turned yellow inside. Is it infected?"

ZocdocAnswersI got burned and it turned yellow inside. Is it infected?


I was lighting up a candle with a lighter and somehow a fume of fire dropped done into my thighs . it created a oval shape . the outer part is pink and the oval inside is shaded with a yellow ( light yellow ) . it doesn't hurt and its not deep . its not big either "


Sorry to hear about this. Burns are both painful and common, and their treatment can be a time consuming process for both patients and physicians. I am glad to hear that yours is not large in size. From what you describe, it is difficult to tell if the spot is infected and it is a good idea to speak with your doctor. The yellow that you describe could be a sign of some common skin bacteria or worse. Or it could be just the normal healing process. Signs of infection generally include increased redness at the site, pus, fever, chills, etc, and if you are having any of these you should definitely speak with a doctor shortly. Antibiotic ointments, many of which are available over the counter, are also appropriate in some cases if you are worried about small areas of injury to the skin, but these should only be used as directed. If you have diabetes or are prone to developing skin wounds that take a long time to heal, I would suggest that you speak to your doctor sooner rather than later. In all cases, however, it is appropriate to speak with your doctor to gain the benefit of a physical exam. Please speak with your doctor about your wound.

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