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"Why do I bleed a little after sex?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I bleed a little after sex?


I'm 24 and have been with my bf for 6 months. I started taking Loestrin fe 24 on March 1st and I've been using in continuously(no fake periods) and have only had slight spotting which is normal. I had sex for the first time(ever) at the end of March. We have had sex almost once a week since then and every time there is always some bleeding, sometimes its barely there and others i need a panty liner for a day or two after. I'm always very wet so thats not the problem, and there are no other symptoms. Sometimes, but not every time, he does bump my cervix which is uncomfortable and it only happens once or twice before we realize and change positions. The blood doesn't really bother us, we just wipe off and don't worry about it, but its been 4 months since I started having regular sex and I don't think it should be doing that every singe time. I'm due for my yearly check up in September so obviously I'll ask my dr about it then but in the mean time what could be the cause?


There are several different potential explanations for this bleeding that you are experiencing, including some that you already mention in your question. In any case, it is important to discuss this with your primary care doctor. For example, bleeding or spotting can be from minor trauma during vaginal intercourse. The vaginal lining is fairly fragile, and it can be easily irritated during vigorous intercourse. The fact that you've experience a few episodes of discomfort from striking the cervix during intercourse could potentially go along with this scenario. Another possibility is that you are having continual light breakthrough bleeding from the extended use of the birth control pill. Light spotting with this type of birth control use is very common, and it might be most noticeable after you have intercourse. Another possibility is that the spotting represents a vaginal infection, which could include a sexually transmitted infection. Typically there are other symptoms, such as pain or urinary symptoms, but not universally. I think the best plan is the one that you already have, which is to mention this to your primary care doctor. They'll be able to perform an examination and determine if any additional workup or treatment is needed. In the meantime, if there is severe pain or bleeding, you should seek more urgent attention in an emergency room.

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