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"Is the computer screen hurting my eyes? "

ZocdocAnswersIs the computer screen hurting my eyes?


I am nearsighted and work in front of a computer for nearly seven hours of day. After looking into a monitor for so long, my eyes get fatigued and become dry by the end of the day. I am afraid that working on a computer will deteriorate my eyesight and force me to get more powerful eyeglass prescriptions. I am concerned about getting something like astigmatism and other more serious conditions because of looking into a computer screen all day. I was wondering if I should wear eyeglasses that are prescribed for computer use to minimize damage to my eyes.


Working at a computer for long periods of time every day can cause a form of eye strain, which can be characterized by blurry or double vision, a feeling of dryness or soreness in the eyes, and neck or back strain. I recommend discussing this with your eye doctor. However, there is no evidence that this kind of eye strain leads to permanent damage to your eyes themselves. In other words, with rest, your vision will return to normal and your symptoms will improve. So, from one point of view, you don't need to be worried overly much about long term consequences of your computer work on your eyes. At the same time, it is no fun to be suffering from these kinds of symptoms on a regular basis! By far the most common factor contributing to eye strain would be uncorrected vision. Therefore, I would definitely advise that you go to see your eye doctor at your earliest convenience. If they find that you would benefit from vision correction with either glasses or contact lenses, you will almost certainly notice an immediate improvement in your eye strain symptoms. Again, these are not "special" contacts or glasses per se, just making sure that your eyesight is as good as it can be to resist the fatiguing effects of computer work.

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