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"Will allergy shots help my eye allergies? "

ZocdocAnswersWill allergy shots help my eye allergies?


I have really bad seasonal allergies every year. Around the same time each year, I get severe allergy symptoms like sneezing, a sore throat, nasal drip, and red and itchy eyes. The most bothersome allergy symptoms that I experience are those that affect my eyes. It is embarrassing to go to work and out in public each day with eyes that are so red and puffy. One of my friends told me that she had great relief from her allergy symptoms by taking allergy shots, but before I pursue this as a treatment, I want to make sure that it will help my eye symptoms. How effective are allergy shots for treating eye allergy symptoms that occur seasonally?


Sorry that you, too, have to suffer from allergies. Fortunately, there are many options that are available that can help you to manage your symptoms. One of these is allergy shots, or immunotherapy. This is tremendously effective for many people at reducing their allergy symptoms and helping them to tolerate changes in the seasons more effectively. As with almost everything in medicine, however, there are no guarantees. While a significant majority of patients will have improvement in their allergy symptoms, others will not find the relief they are seeking. This is especially unfortunate because, in addition to the expense of allergy shots, you have the time commitment that it takes to get the shots themselves. For those who do experience relief, it is common to have improvement in all allergy symptoms, including symptoms involving the eyes. Again, this relief can be quite variable, and you may go through all of the time, money, and discomfort and get no improvement in your allergy symptoms. The best recommendation I can give you is to speak with an allergist to get more personalized recommendations. He or she may be able to gather additional information and make better suggestions for you. Please speak with a doctor.

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