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""Do I need to seek treatment for my child's ""lazy eye""?""

ZocdocAnswers"Do I need to seek treatment for my child's ""lazy eye""?"


My little girl's left eye does not seem to face forward all the time, even when she is looking directly at me or a toy. It always seems to float to one side, even if the other eye is focusing directly forward. This started when she was very small, and we were told to ignore the problem and wait and see. But now she is 1 year old and it is still happening quite often, so we worry that it is beginning to affect her eyesight. Is this a problem that will solve itself as she grows up, or is this something to worry about? Do we need to seek treatment now, or should we wait until she gets older?


Yes, you should seek treatment now! While this may indeed be something that will correct itself over time, it is impossible to know without visiting with the appropriate medical team. That being said, it does depend somewhat on who it was that told you that your daughter would grow out of the problem. The training and experience of the person giving the advice will certainly weight into the decision, as a family practice doctor or pediatrician will obviously not have the same level of training specifically devoted to the eyes as would an ophthalmologist. While their advice can be very appropriate in many situations, it is always best to seek a second opinion if you have any concerns, especially about something that could potentially have long term side effects. There are some conditions that require prompt medical attention to prevent the development of later problems. While it is difficult to say whether your daughter's condition will resolve or not, speaking with a board certified ophthalmologist will help you to know whether or not there is anything else that needs to be done, and will also help to set your mind at ease. Please speak with an ophthalmologist for more direction.

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