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"My son is very nearsighted. Would implantable lenses work for him?"

ZocdocAnswersMy son is very nearsighted. Would implantable lenses work for him?


My 18-year old son was not accepted into the Navy because he is severely nearsighted. He has eyeglasses that he is supposed to wear, but he does not wear his glasses as he should, and is so irresponsible with them. He misplaces or loses them, which is extremely annoying. He is a very handsome young man and is also vain, and feels that eyeglasses take away from his good looks. We have tried contact lenses, and he will not wear those, either, because he has difficulty putting them in, and he would never leave them in long enough to get used to them. My son needs to be able to see and stop being so vain and ridiculous. I just heard about something called implantable lenses. Could this be a possible solution for my son and his eyesight?


I'm sorry to hear that your son was unable to pursue his career plans due to his eyesight. The best solutions to nearsightedness are glasses or contact lenses, and so the best thing for your son would be to visit with his eye doctor, who can help explain to him the need to continue with these treatments. If he has had an issue with contacts irritating his eye, it may just be that he needs to try a different brand of contacts, as different brands work better for different people. Once again, his eye doctor will be able to talk with him about this issue and help him decide what a good solution might be. Unfortunately, implantable lenses are not a treatment for nearsightedness. Lenses are most often implanted for treatment of cataracts, which is a condition in which the eye's natural lens becomes cloudy, usually from normal aging. That being said, there is a surgical procedure which can be used for nearsightedness. This is the LASIK procedure, which is becoming more and more popular these days and is performed by many eye surgeons around the country. If your son is really unwilling to use glasses or contacts (which would be the simplest and cheapest solution) then this might be an option to discuss with his doctor.

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