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"Can chiropractors help with frequent heartburn?"

ZocdocAnswersCan chiropractors help with frequent heartburn?


I?ve had issues with heartburn on and off for a couple of years. Sometimes I can minimize the issue by being careful about what I eat, but other times the heartburn comes on even when I think I?ve been careful in my food choices. Over the past few weeks, the issue has become more intense, and the heartburn is more painful. I have used over-the-counter medicines such as Maalox and Zantac, and sometimes they help. I would like to avoid having to get a prescription. Is there any way in which chiropractic treatments might help with my condition?


Heartburn is a common condition. There are many possible ways to limit the symptoms of heartburn. If you have had significant heartburn, it may be worthwhile to have a conversation with your primary care physician. Longstanding heartburn can lead to damage of the esophagus (the food pipe) and therefore should be evaluated by your doctor. Other serious conditions can also mimic heartburn and should be ruled out. Heartburn is medically known as gastro-oesophageal reflux disease or GERD. This is caused by the stomach acid (which the body makes to help digest food) accidentally gets sent upstream to the food pipe (the esophagus) which his not designed to handle the acid. This causes the heartburn pain. Treatments for heartburn include avoiding acidic foods (like orange juice, tomatoes) as well as foods like alcohol and chocolate that increase acid reflux. Maalox tablet can definitely help as can Zantac. Another stronger over the counter medication is Omeprazole or Prilosec that may be helpful. To answer your question, there is no evidence that a chiropractor can help heart burn. I would first discuss this with your primary care physician. Beyond the above mentioned, there are some prescription medications that might help. This is something that should be evaluated by your doctor. Good luck!

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