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"How long does a tooth extraction take?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long does a tooth extraction take?


I need to have one of my teeth removed, and I am later going to have it replaced with a fake one. How long does this type of surgery take? I am just trying to plan it out around work, and I do not know if I need to take the whole day off or just half of the day. Will I need to take the next day off as well? How long is the recovery time? I want to make sure that I am well rested and fully healed before I decide to go back to the office.


Having a tooth removed, or having surgery of any sort, can be a concerning problem. In addition to concerns about pain and discomfort, the social aspects of being a patient, including taking time off of work, caring for other responsibilities, and even transportation to and from surgery if you have been sedated can be overwhelming difficulties for many people. Fortunately, your surgeon or his or her office is able to help answer these specific questions based off of the specific procedure that you may be having. He or she will likely have a prepared handout with specific information for you about how you can expect to recover, what activities you should avoid, and even what foods you can eat. While this is often provided the day of surgery, most offices would be happy to provide this information before hand if you request it. With regards to only generalities, tooth extraction is a relatively simple procedure that takes only a half of a day. Some extractions are more difficult and you may need a day to recover, while others are relatively simple and you may bounce back quite quickly. As suggested previously, please speak with your dentist or surgeon for information.

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