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"How did I get TMJ?"

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On my last trip to my family dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning, he was telling me that I might have some type of disease that's called TMJ. I'm not really sure what the disease is, but my dentist said that it affects the way my jaws move. In order to correct my condition, the dentist said that I should schedule an appointment with my local oral surgeon. My friend has a friend who recently underwent the same type of procedure, and she seems to be doing just fine. I'm wondering how I contacted TMJ, and I'd like to know a little bit more about the condition.


Temporo mandibular joint disorder syndrome, which is often referred to as TMJ syndrome, is a very common condition and should be followed by your doctor. It is an inflammation of the joint that moves your jaw. It is often manifest by pain, clicking, and even headaches, among other symptoms. The pain can be referred to the ear in many instances, and can masquerade as other problems quite regularly. It seems to come from constant misuse of the joint itself, and is often associated with bruxism, or teeth grinding, which may suggest an increased risk among those at higher levels of stress. While the symptoms can be debilitating for some people, most people are able to make modifications to improve on the pain and resolve the condition. One of the most common techniques is to use a mouth guard at night while you are asleep. This offers the chance to improve on the most problematic aspects of the grinding, and helps to decrease the wear and tear on the joint itself. Many people will find rapid improvement with this and other simple techniques. The best idea is for you to follow up with your doctor as recommended and to determine which approach may be the best for your. Please speak with your doctor.

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