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"What happens if my son's jawbone doesn't heal properly after an accident?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat happens if my son's jawbone doesn't heal properly after an accident?


My son was in a motorcycle accident and thankfully survived with only a few injuries. However, he did break his jawbone, right in the front near his chin, and lost 4 teeth in that area when his head slammed into a stop sign. His jaw was severed and split into two sections. Due to the nature of the fracture, the oral surgeon was able to insert a device to temporarily hold the two pieces of his jaw together and realign the bones while the tissue healed. Since my son is diabetic, the wounds did not heal properly, and something else had to be done. In addition, he had to have his jaws wired together with surgical pins since the healing was obviously taking longer than expected. What happens next if my son's jawbone does not heal properly?


So sorry to hear about this accident, and am grateful as well that he did not suffer more significant injuries. That being said, it sounds as if he is undergoing some complications and it is important to follow up with your son's doctor. Any wound is more difficult to heal under certain circumstances, and diabetes is certainly one of the more common reasons that wound healing is compromised. Now that his jaws have been wired shut, your doctor should be able to ensure that the bones heal appropriately, but you can rest assured that there are multiple other options available. Some of these include wiring the jaws together without the use of pins, using plates, or other common surgical techniques. As mandible fractures are somewhat common, there are many effective strategies that can be used. Some of these, like the jaw wiring currently in place, can be uncomfortable during the healing process, but long term results are generally good. Maintaining his blood glucose under good control may help in this process. Additionally, please speak with your son's doctor about other things that he can do to heal more quickly. Close follow up with your surgeon may include some radiographic films to ensure healing, but please have your son speak with his doctor for more information.

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