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"Should I consider a dental implant to fill in a space in my teeth from a pulled tooth?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I consider a dental implant to fill in a space in my teeth from a pulled tooth?


As I was eating a taco from a nationally known taco restaurant, I bit down on something hard, and one of my back molars responded with excruciating pain that radiated down through my jaw and left arm. When I checked to see what I had bitten into, it was a tiny nail that had obviously fallen into the meat during processing. My tooth was sore for days, and when I put pressure on it, the same radiating pain returned. The dentist said that the tooth was split down the middle, was beyond repair, and needed to be pulled. She did extract the tooth, but now I have a big, gaping hole on that side of my mouth that is really irritating. Should I consider a dental implant to fill this hole?


I am very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience eating a taco where you bit into your food, and into a nail which cracked your molar. It obviously takes a lot of force to crack and otherwise healthy molar, so you must have bitten down with quite a bit of force. I can imagine that was incredibly painful. It sounds like your dentist did the right thing by removing the fractured tooth if it was beyond repair. I am happy to give you my thoughts on what to do with the space where your tooth used to be, but I would still recommend making an appointment with a restorative dentist, or oral surgeon who will be able to examine you and ask more questions about your dental history, which I am not able to do in this setting. That will give you a more accurate and proper opinion for your specific situation. In general, when a tooth is pulled, it is important to let the extraction site heal before performing any reconstructive procedures. This is because there will be some inflammation which might alter any reconstructive procedure that would be done. What this means is that you have time to make a decision. You are correct that a dental implant might be a possibility for you. It will depend on how much bone is left in your jaw, and the general condition of the other teeth. A bridge (or small partial denture) might also be a possibility. Your dentist should be able to give you a more specific opinion after looking at you. I wish you all the best.

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