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"How do I get rid of canker sores caused by braces?"


I got traditional metal braces just last month and I am already noticing some painful lesions inside my mouth. I have had canker sores before, and I feel like the braces are just exacerbating the problem. What is worse is that I fear the sores are going to become infected. I have tried to use gauze as a way to hold my lip away from my braces, but this is obviously not something I can do all the time.


So sorry to hear about this problem and I recommend discussing it with your orthodontist. Canker sores can be extremely painful and irritating even in the best of circumstances, and are much worse when you are trying to acclimate to new braces and all of the in your mouth changes that are underway anyway. With regards to reducing the symptoms of these sores, there are many things that can offer some benefit.

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While there are many over the counter remedies that may or may not work, there are steroid based preparations that may be beneficial for many people. In general, these lesions will often pop up during times of stress or other changes, which could explain the current outbreak that you are experiencing so recently after just getting your braces put on. Fortunately, it may be that these will start to improve after the current problems start to resolve. Alternatively, it may be that some of these spots are not canker sores at all, but are actually due directly to your braces. Speaking with your orthodontist or whoever put on your braces is the best way to get the best tips for you about how to improve your current problems, and they may want to see you back. Please speak with your doctor.

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