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"How can I stop my feet from stinking?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I stop my feet from stinking?


Recently, whenever I take off my socks or my slip-ons, I have noticed a really bad smell. In the beginning, I thought it was the leather in my shoes, but now, I have realized that it is my feet that stink. They smell especially foul only when I wear shoes or close-toed slip-ons. I have also noticed that my socks smell if I have walked in my sneakers for a long time. I never had this problem before. Sometimes, I need to take off my shoes because it gets sweaty and slippery inside, but I feel embarrassed because of the bad odor. Why have I suddenly started having this problem? I have tried putting some talcum powder inside my shoes, but it doesn't seem to help. What can I do to get rid of this bad smell?


So sorry to hear that you are suffering from bad smell in your shoes and on your feet. The good news is that there is much that can be done to help this problem, but the bad news is that it may mean getting a few new pairs of shoes. I recommend discussing this concern with your doctor. With regards to the bad smell, the key is to keep the moisture level down. While everyone will have sweaty feet during the day, if the shoes don't have adequate time to dry out before they are used again it can create an environment that is perfect for the bad smell to accumulate. It obviously goes without saying that washing your feet at least once a day is imperative. Things that you can do to help your shoes dry out include using shoe trees with cedar wood that can help to wick away the moisture. Additionally, giving your shoes a few days off in between use can help to decrease the odor. Washing your socks well can also help. Finally, as with everything, if you are noticing other symptoms or if your problem persists despite the best efforts that you are able to make, please speak with your doctor.

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