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"Why don't I get strong erections anymore?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy don't I get strong erections anymore?


I am a virgin and i dont get strong erections when masterbating or strong morning erections anymore. This only started happening after a couple of months ago when i stopped watching porn since i now have a girlfriend, and i wouldnt continue to watch it now i have her. I went through a period of no libido but my doctor says that will just be because when you try to have sex you get nervous and think you will fail before you even try. I do get stressed about my job and also the fact that i cant get it up around my girlfriend or even myself anymore. There was a point up until a a week ago where my morning erections were strong and i could masterbate and maintain an erection again, but i caved and watched some porn recently and ever since then ive felt guilty and depressed and im back to square one. My doctor ran tests for testosterone and he said there is nothing wrong with me. Is it possible it is just all phsycological?


Erectile difficulties from time to time are actually not abnormal and may not constitute a medical problem. But if these difficulties are persistent and pervasive, the symptoms begin to affect relationships, satisfaction, and self-esteem and you should seek medical attention. This medical condition is termed erectile dysfunction and the typical causes vary depending on your age. In older patients, erectile dysfunction is usually organic, meaning that there is some physiological problem. Sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the brain, nerves, blood vessels, and small musculature in the penis. In older males, problems with blood flow to the penis, which arise due to heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, or smoking are common causes of erectile dysfunction, as are hormonal problems like low testosterone. Sometimes people who have had surgery in the pelvic area can have nerve damage that makes achieving or maintaining an erection difficult. In younger patients however, the most common causes of erectile dysfunction are situational or psychological. This is not to say younger patients do not occasionally suffer from physiological problems leading to erectile dysfunction, but non-anatomic problems are just more common. Common situational factors leading to erectile dysfunction are things such as tobacco use, alcohol use, drug use, or a substance abuse disorder. If you think any of those things may be a significant factor for you, talk to your doctor about how to quit. Stress, anxiety, and depression are all common psychological problems that lead to erectile dysfunction. Effective treatment of these conditions often leads to marked improvement in in younger patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Finally, another possible culprit in younger patients is medication side effects, which can cause difficulty with erectile function or achieving orgasm. You took the right first step by visiting your doctor, but you may want to broaden your medical team to include a psychiatrist and a counselor. You may find that if you can improve your level of stress and anxiety through counseling and possibly medication, you will experience a return of normal erectile function.

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