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"What are my chances of getting mono? "

ZocdocAnswersWhat are my chances of getting mono?


My friend let me have a sip of his drink a week ago he just found out he is positive for mono, what are my chances of getting it?


It is always concerning to find that you have been sharing close quarters with someone who has been infectious and sharing that space with you. As with most things, if you have questions about your exposure risk and what you can do to remain at your optimal health, these things should be discussed with your doctor. In your case, as more than space was shared, the risk of contracting what he had certainly is higher than it would otherwise be. Fortunately, your risk of contracting the disease may be modified by several factors. First, your age. Most of us are exposed to infectious mononucleosis at some point in our life. The older you are, the more likely you are to have already been infected, and thus, over, this disease. Most people who have had it before will not respond in such a severe manner due to the effectiveness of the immune system (although you should still be careful around such people, as everyone will have different reactions based on many other variables). In addition to your age, the amount of exposure is important. Obviously, the more saliva that was shared, the greater the risk of infection. Again, please speak with your doctor to discuss your concern.

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