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" What could be causing my headaches?"

ZocdocAnswers What could be causing my headaches?


2 1/2 mos ago I hit my forehead on the edge of a chair. I have been getting headaches ever since. I have post polio but otherwise I am healthy and I do not normally get headaches. X-rays show no abnormality and I did get my eyes tested.


Sorry to hear about this trauma and the continued headaches. Headaches are unfortunately quite common, but they can also be quite serious. It is somewhat concerning to me that these headaches began only after you hit your head on a chair and I recommend you speak with your doctor again. I would be interested to know what type of x-ray your doctor obtained, and if they showed anything concerning. Most importantly, it is important know how old you are, as this will often demonstrate your risk for trauma following brain injury. The fact that you have had polio in the past suggests that you may be middle age or better, which does suggest an increased risk. Additionally, this suggests that you are experiencing a new problem in an age range that would not usually have these concerns, at least not just starting and then continuing consistently following a head trauma. For this reason, I would suggest that you please speak with your doctor again about your concerns. While he or she may feel that everything is ok, they should know that your symptoms have continued and that you remain concerned. Please speak with your doctor about this problem, and I hope your headaches improve.

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