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"Is low copper anything to worry about?"

ZocdocAnswersIs low copper anything to worry about?


Low copper ? my copper is 63 normal is 72-166 anything to worry about ?


This is an important question to discuss with your doctor. Copper is a very important trace mineral that is essential to good health. It plays an important role in many cellular processes including electron transport chain (cytochrome oxidase) and in fighting microbes (superoxide dismutase). These are enzymatic reactions that convert carbon to chemical energy and neutralize free radicals by converting unstable oxygen radicals to a stable form of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. As well copper is an essential component in enzymes involved with heart function, bone formation, energy metabolism, and red blood cell formation, etc. Nearly all of your body's minerals (calcium, iron) as well as trace elements (copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese) are stored in your bones. They are released as needed basis. A blood sample at any given time can be high or low and is not necessarily reflective of your body's store. Therefore, a trend might be more helpful to you and your doctor in making clinical decisions. On other hand, low trace minerals are fairly common. Those diets which include more processed food have less trace minerals and vitamins. You may want to add more fruits and dark leafy vegetable to your diet. If after modifying your diet and you still have low copper, you may want to follow up with your primary care doctor and ask about multivitamin and multi-mineral supplements.

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