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"High parathyroid hormone but low calcium. What could this mean?"

ZocdocAnswersHigh parathyroid hormone but low calcium. What could this mean?


Everything I find about a high para thyroid relates to a high calcium. But I have the opposite. My para thyroid is 186.3 and my calcium is 7.0. What could this mean?


I would be curious to know what made your doctor check your calcium and your parathyroid hormone, also known as PTH. That is why the best person with whom to discuss your concerns is your doctor. As you know, PTH is hormone that is responsible for the calcium and phosphate levels, which are two minerals that are found in our bodies and that are important for various things. When PTH is secreted in to the body, it causes an increase in calcium in the body and a decrease in phosphate; PTH causes a calcium increases by increasing the amount of calcium absorbed in the gut, and by taking some calcium out of our bones, as well as decreasing the amount of calcium we let go in the urine (through the kidney). It is a little bit unusual to have high PTH with normal calcium. However, calcium exists in two forms in the body, and PTH is secreted in response to one of the forms (ionized calcium). So it may just be that your ionized calcium was low, and your PTH increased to respond to it; There are many different reasons in the body why PTH may be elevated abnormally, but most of the worrisome ones are related to high calcium. I would recommend discussing this elevation in PTH with your doctor, but it is unlikely to have much significance if your calcium is normal.

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