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"Why does my left foot swell recently?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my left foot swell recently?


I have IST and left incomplete BBB


Swelling in the legs or feet is always a potentially concerning symptom, and it needs to be evaluated by your regular primary care doctor or cardiologist as soon as possible. One of the major causes of swelling in the legs is heart failure, and this should always be considered and ruled out, especially in individuals with a cardiac history like yourself. It doesn't sound from your question like you your heart history is extremely concerning for the development of heart failure, and usually leg swelling from heart failure involves both legs; nevertheless, it is still appropriate to touch base with your doctor. Another major cause of leg swelling, which tends to cause swelling of just one leg and not both (in other words, more like your situation), is a blood clot in the leg. This can be diagnosed with an ultrasound study of the veins in the leg, often in conjunction with blood tests, and it is an important condition to consider because, if untreated, blood clots can break off and lodge in the lungs. Finally, there are medications, including common medications that are used in treating various heart conditions, that can cause swelling in the legs, and this is something your doctor can also consider.

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