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"Does masturbation affect muscle growth?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes masturbation affect muscle growth?


I am currently a teenager and I have read online that masturbating can effect muscle growth and that it cant. At this point I am unsure. My question is whether it actually would effect my muscle growth very much as a teenager or not at all?


I can assure you that masturbation has no effect on muscle growth or any other aspect of your health. There are no clinical guidelines to tell physicians how much is too much in terms of the number of times per day that it would be considered normal for someone to masturbate. Most physicians feel that masturbation 1-2 times per day or even more than that is considered normal. There is no adverse effects on health that we know about. Question such as this one will often arise as you grown and wonder about different aspects of your health. When this occurs, you should feel like you can ask your primary care physician for advice. This can be a pediatrician, internal medicine physician or family physician. If you are concerned about your current level of muscle growth or growth in general, then this is a good physician to discuss this issue as well. He or she can consult your growth charts to determine if you are growing normally. Some of this depends on the height and weight of your parents. Your question also brings up the important point that you should not believe everything you read online as much that is passed off as fact is false. Again, please discuss your concerns with your doctor.

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