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"I recently found bumps along my ribs and under my nipples. Should I be worried?"

ZocdocAnswersI recently found bumps along my ribs and under my nipples. Should I be worried?


I am a 30yo male. I used to smoke pot a lot and had the lumps in my chest checked years ago and they were nothing, but they seem bigger and also are along ribs now.


Sorry to hear that you have this to be worried about. I'm also glad that you had someone examine this in the past. Fortunately, at that time, it sounded like there was nothing to worry about, and hopefully the same is true currently. But it sounds like you have concerns already and know that the next best step is to have these examined again. While it seems common sense to have any bump examined that changes, you would be amazed that some people don't follow this rule. This can sometimes end up with very unfortunate consequences. Hopefully, your doctor will again feel that there is nothing wrong and you will be able to continue life (although, obviously, using marijuana for non medical purposes is generally not advisable, and your doctor would most often suggest that you stop). While marijuana can have many different side effects, it is difficult for me to say if the bumps along your rib cage are related at all without knowing more of your history and doing a physical examination. Please visit your doctor soon to have these bumps re-examined so that you can see if there is anything worth worrying about. Please speak to your doctor.

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