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"What would be causing my muscles to become extremely tight and hard with minor physical exertion?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat would be causing my muscles to become extremely tight and hard with minor physical exertion?


I'm a 29 year old male. The primary locations of my symptoms are in my calf muslces and forearms, and I've been dealing with these for upwards of 15 years. I have been to several doctors (earlier on in the process to find the problem) and none have been successful at diagnosing and correcting the issue. The best way I can describe the symptoms is that when I exercise at all (even just a slow walk) will cause my muscles to get extremely tight and almost rock hard. At that point, it makes it nearly impossible to even use that muscle until it is rested. I have been to a neurologist as well as having a fasciotemy on both of my calf muscles in hopes to make room for the muscles to expand. The neurologist found that I have bad nerve damage in my lower legs (this was prior to the fasciotemy so it was nothing that occured during surgery).


Thank you for you question. Your situation sounds like a very complicated one, as you have obviously been involved with multiple physicians and have attempted many different types of therapies with no real improvement in your symptoms. In this sort of situation, there is often some value in referral to a tertiary care institution, where you may be able to find an explanation for your problem. Tertiary care centers are hospitals that are recognized for treating extremely difficult problems, and have names that are recognized for such across the country. Some of the more common examples would be Johns Hopkins, The Cleveland Clinic, and other similar hospitals. Most regions of the country will have access to this sort of resource, where the most difficult cases present and are able to be treated. While there are many additional questions that I would like to ask, I would anticipate that you may need additional testing before you can have the answer that you are after. Your primary care doctor, or the doctor that has been managing your complaints, should be able to discuss the next step with you. He or she may also advise if you should see additional specialists. Please speak with your doctor.

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