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"Slight burning sensation when urinating, only started after heatstroke. Possible cause?"

ZocdocAnswersSlight burning sensation when urinating, only started after heatstroke. Possible cause?


On Friday evening i played cricket out in the sun and got heatstroke, fever, aching etc. However early saturday I began to start having a slight burning sensation when urinating as well as a regular feeling that i was desperate to go but when i did only a small amount comes out. Since then I have been drinking a lot of fluids etc. The symptoms have lessened a fair amount but i still get a slight burning when i finish my flow. (I am Male)


That is a great question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor. It is possible that after the heat stroke, your body produced chemicals that were excreted in your urine and caused you to have that burning sensation while you urinated. It is also common that you may have had an odd color to your urine and this may have improved over time as you drank more fluids and washed out these chemicals. Your doctor can evaluate your urine and perform tests on it to see if this is indeed the cause. The best treatment is to maintain hydration and allow your kidneys to work and excrete all the chemicals that were created during the heatstroke. An equally important discussion you should have with your doctor would be how to avoid this in the future as this can be a very serious issue that can sometimes lead to respiratory distress, heart and kidney problems and potentially even death. For these reasons, it is very important that you maintain hydration when out in the sun, avoid prolonged periods in the sun when you are out there and use sunblock to protect your skin. These are very easy and very important things to do when performing activities in the sun.

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