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"Why does my vision sometimes randomly go black and then come back a few seconds later?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my vision sometimes randomly go black and then come back a few seconds later?


i feel pressure in my eyes when it happens. it happens sometimes when i get up quickly but also sometimes at random times during the day. so im not sure if it has to do with blood rushing to the head or something like that. also i heard somewhere that it might have something to do with something called t i a.


Sorry to hear about your problem. There are several things that could cause this problem, but all of them require that you be seen by a physician soon. In general, the most concerning things that can cause sudden loss of vision are things that obstruct blood flow. A TIA, which is also known as a transient ischemic attack and is similar to a stroke but a temporary phenomenon, can be one potential cause, but it is hard to say that you have been suffering from these. There are also blockages that can occur due to pieces of plaque or other debris that can be in your blood vessels and can then break free and clog further "downstream." Additionally, there are medical illnesses in which you can have either infectious or inflammatory causes of slowly progressive vision loss. And finally, there are other things that can cause short disruptions in blood flow or vision. As you can tell, most of these are somewhat serious or very serious, and so it is important that you speak with your doctor soon about your symptoms. You may need to have some urgent treatment, and so please speak with your doctor soon.

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