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"How do I report an outbreak of scabbies to an employment place?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do I report an outbreak of scabbies to an employment place?


How do I report an outbreak because I believe I have it soooo bad im infecting people just from standing next to them and I know I am because I can see them start to itch specific places and even with my friends & family I can see their signs & symptoms. I need to report a major outbreak anonymously because I believed at least 10 house holds have it not including mine & it may be going around work with the employees


So sorry to hear about this predicament. I encourage you to speak with your doctor for more information. This problem will be unique to your workplace, but is something that you have a responsibility to report as soon as possible. Larger corporations will often have policies in place about how to report this sort of thing, and these policies may be searchable within the policies and procedures. Alternatively, there may be resources available such as counselors, etc, who could direct you how best to move forward and protect yourself, your colleagues, and those others around you. For smaller businesses, this may be more difficult as there may be no good way to report the problem in a manner that guarantees your anonymity. In these harder situations, it will be more difficult. I would appeal to your sense of justice in that you keeping this to yourself can cause others around you to suffer, when that suffering could potentially be avoided if you were more forthcoming. While I applaud your desire to step forward, I would encourage you to do this as soon as possible to make sure that others are able to recover, start treatment, and avoid becoming infected as soon as possible. Please speak with your doctor for more information.

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