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"Why do I have some right side face pain for months now?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have some right side face pain for months now?


I have been having terrible headaches blurry vision stuffy nose ear pain and some right side face pain for months now.its worse when I bend down or strain my eyes it felt like like a terrible sinus infection. I had a ct done and this is what it. Says There is is a mixed density lesion in the ought sphenoid bone measuring 1 cm And a large maxillary sinus retention cyst My doctor thinks this is not what is causing my symptoms I have done an MRI and countless blood test everything else seems normal But in the meantime I can't function with all this pain and vision problThank you SAS


So sorry to hear that you have been suffering for so long. It can be difficult when you have concerns that you feel are not being fully addressed by your doctor, as you imply by citing the CT scan results. It is difficult to come in in the middle of you being treated by another physician and without having access to any of your old records or more information. The key thing is, if you do not feel comfortable with the care that you are receiving, please seek a second opinion. Most insurance companies will acknowledge the value of this and will cover the charge as well. There certainly may be surgeons that may find the description that you have provided of the scan concerning, but it would take fully evaluating the scans before more information could be provided to help you feel better. If you have exhausted other therapies and are still suffering, seeking further counsel with your physician is the best next step. If he or she is concerned or unclear about the next step, they may refer you to another physician. This problem may be effectively managed by an ear nose and throat surgeon (aka, otolaryngologist). Please speak with your doctor.

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