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"What are some possible explanations for lack of appetite, headache, and nausea?"


A few days ago I woke up with no appetite. That entire day and the following one I had no appetite but forced myself to eat. I also had a headache which was mild compared to the ones I usually get. Yesterday my appetite was better but my headache was worse and I felt weak and exhausted. I've also been feeling depressed these past few days with no explanation. This morning I felt extremely nauseous and nearly vomited, but now, a few hours later the nausea is totally gone. At the moment I feel okay except tired/weak and I'm still feeling down. My moods fluctuate a little so feeling depressed would be no cause for concern if it wasn't for the other symptoms. I know pregnancy can explain these symptoms but I'm also interested in what other things could explain them. I have no other symptoms beyond the ones I stated.


I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling so unwell. Your set of symptoms are quite vague and could be caused by a wide range of things. I recommend seeing your primary care doctor to discuss your concerns.

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One possibility that would be high on my list would be a viral infection of some sort. When the body is infected with a virus, it release certain chemicals to fight off the infection. The side effects of these chemicals include loss of appetite, headache, fatigue, and low energy. These symptoms can appear before the more classic symptoms of the viral infection (say cough and runny nose) emerge a few days later and it could be that you are in this early stage. Another possibility, as you mentioned, is an early pregnancy, especially if you are late for your period. What I would recommend is that you go to see your regular primary care doctor. They will be able to examine you to see if there is any physical finding which helps narrow down or pinpoint the cause of your symptoms. They will also be able to perform a pregnancy test for you, if that is something that needs to be ruled out. Good luck, and I hope that you are feeling better soon!

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