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"Inside my belly button is bruised i've been bloated - what could it be?"


have had heartburn,nausea and headache


If you have suffered trauma to your belly, you may simple have a bruise in the area of your belly button and your other symptoms may be incidental. The cluster of symptoms you described are what is known as prosaic symptoms, which means that they are vague and not specific for any one problem. That is why I recommend you visit a primary care doctor.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of heartburn and headache, these are both likely to be symptoms of isolated problems. You should take over the counter antacid medication for you heartburn and visit the doctor if it fails to improve or becomes a regular phenomenon, occurring two or more times a week. The headache is most likely to be a simple tension headache, which should respond to over the counter pain relievers. Avoid aspirin products for your headache if you are also suffering from heartburn, they will be likely to worsen your stomach pain. If you have had not had recent trauma to your belly, a bruise in your belly button would be unusual and if your symptoms are associated with a bulge at your belly button you may be suffering from a hernia. One of the places that is naturally weak in the wall of your belly is an area right under the belly button. A hernia is a defect that develops in an area of weakness in the abdominal wall, which can allow contents from inside the abdomen, like fat or intestine, to pop out below the skin. Sometimes this causes a bluish appearance to the skin and tenderness in the area. If you have a bulge at your belly button and you are experiencing nausea and bloating, it is important to see a primary care doctor or a general surgeon promptly to be examined for a hernia. If you have a bulge at your belly button that becomes red, intensely painful, or is associated with fever or failure to pass gas for 24 hours, call 911 and be taken to the hospital immediately, these could be symptoms of an incarcerated hernia, which requires urgent surgery.

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