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"What happens if your pee is dark yellow and smells like ammonia?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat happens if your pee is dark yellow and smells like ammonia?


iam 16 thte first time i had sex was 15 after i had sex the next day it stinged when i pee for like a week but then after that for some months now my pee has jus been dark and smelt like ammonia


When urine is a dark yellow in color and smells like ammonia it usually means that the urine is more concentrated than usual. I recommend scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician who can evaluate you. Urine naturally has ammonia in it secondary to the body's metabolism of proteins. When the urine become more concentrated, it can smell more and this is often when people notice it. If you are dehydrated, your body will be trying to hold on to more water. This can make your urine concentrated and become darker in color. The stinging you had when you pee could be a sign of an infection, but it would be a little strange for you to get a sexually transmitted infection with symptoms the very next day after having sex. Nevertheless, if someone came to my office with those symptoms, I would likely test them for gonorrhea and chlamydia because those are two infections that can cause painful urination, the tests are fast and easy, and they are both very treatable. I might even just give you the antibiotics for the infection because they are both just one time doses (don't need to take any pills outside the office). I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she will probably want to perform a urinalysis and possible a quick STD check.

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