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"Is dry socket a type of infection?"

ZocdocAnswersIs dry socket a type of infection?


If I suspect dry socket, do I need a prescription for antibiotics?


Perhaps, but the key is that we need to make sure you are seen by your dentist or surgeon first. A dry socket will usually manifest itself as pain several days after the removal of a tooth. Most of the time, patients will be feeling better and starting to get back to their normal activities when the pain begins to increase again. If this happens, you will need to speak with your dentist to get the best help that you need to fill better. Sometimes, this may include antibiotics. In general, however, the best therapy is to protect the exposed bone that is usually the cause of this pain. After a tooth is removed, there is blood that will usually form a clot as it pools over the top of the bone. This clot is the first step towards healing, and if it is removed the body has a hard time healing it. There may be food impacted into the wound, which will often have to be removed for healing to occur. Packing thereafter will also often help to improve the pain. Antibiotics may have a role for some patients as well, but the key is to please speak with your surgeon or dentist.

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